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Triumph 2.5.11

Triumph has been extremely stable for me the past months.

However, this evening, after an update ( now 2.5.11 ), it will crash on closing a project every single time.
Additionally, if there's only one project window open, if I leave the program open, but close that window, it crashes then every time as well.
Reopening Triumph, which also reopens the previous window, will crash every time I attempt to close that window.

Only work around I've found so far - Open a NEW project window before closing the previous, then that window will close and the program continues to function.

Let me know what else you may need to help find this.
Les Mizzell

You're not the only one having this problem - I've reported it, but support seems a bit slow with all the changes going on.  Looking forward to getting this fixed!

I got some excellent crash reports and steps, so this should be addressed real soon - hopefully for the 2.6 release.

Yeah, I know this'll get fixed - I'm sure you've got your hands full right now Evan.  Keep us posted...



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