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Hardware integration

I've requested this a few times before, but some kind of way to integrate hardware into the Triumph workflow would really be a great. It would mean I could do full mastering applications only in Triump.

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I was begging to get this going long ago - this one's high priority for me as well. For mastering IMHO it's crucial.

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Well hopefully this can be a priority. Glad to see the plans for continuous support for the Triumph and the other apps, I was beginning to fear they had been abandoned. 

This would be an excellent feature.  Would it not mean, though, that rendering would be real-time?


That is correct. If Triumph sees one of the effects is a "hardware loop" effect, then it will render at realtime.

Got it.  It obviously adds a whole set of other features/requirements, like integrating with various interfaces.

Hi, while Triumph have already midi support I think it might be an idea to have also support for Mackie HUI. This would make the work a lot more "organic" using the transport control, markers, automation etc. with the HUI controller.  Is something like this planned?



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