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Fidelia... it gone for good?

I used to use it as a quick way to listen to high resolution flac files. Latest version I have is 1.65 and it won't open on my mac anymore. Just noticed it's no longer in the App Store.

Really liked that old school interface with the wood paneling and big volume knob, though the file management left a lot to be desired.

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I'm not sure what's going to happen to it, but the person who would know is Matthew at Audiofile. Shoot him an email and he will be able to tell you the latest. matthew [at] audiofile-engineering [dot] com

Does anyone know how to download Fidelia at the moment? I have a license, should write Matthew as well?

Thanks for this Evan. Do you happen to know how to obtain my license info as well? I've tried writing Matthew, but haven't heard anything back.

If you go to the bottom of our home page, you see a field where you can enter your email address called "Review licenses"? Enter your email there, click Go, and check your email box!

Thanks a lot!

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