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Make Myriad recognize the 1.2.3..... multichannel format

Field recorders like Cantar use the suffixes

It would be very helpful the Myriad recognize them (for interleaving purpose for instance)


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The same with Nagra naming conventions. FileName_1, FileName_2 etc

And I record stereo pairs of mics to discrete tracks. So Left is _1 Right is _2, then a second pair of mics would be _3 & _4. It would be great if I could tell Myriad to join them in what number of channels I want. I'd like to be able to tell it to join them as 'pairs' for instance. So _1 & _2 would get joined as a stereo file and _3 & _4 would get joined as another stereo file.


Similar to Metric Halo recording consoles

Are you talking about having Myriad recognize those naming schemes when dropped onto the Files List? Or do you mean an action that would interleave those files with those alternate naming schemes to new files?

If Myriad could recognize these files as parts of multichannel file, it could interleave them just as the ones with .L, .R, .C ... suffixes ...

and it would be very helpful ..... 

I can only speak for myself: Big part of my workflow was taking the files that MH console puts out a 1.L/1.R, 2.L/2.R, etc and sticking them into Myriad and creating interleaved files like I used to in wave editor but en masse.

still no news for this request .....

it mustn't be so difficult to implement that!!!

Agreed. Still waiting for this much needed feature

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