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How to Create an interleaved file?

downloaded the demo yesterday to see how the new stuff works. so far, i've been nonplussed. the simple task of interleaving ends up with files i don't want/need.

when using the interleave action i end up with a joined MONO fIle. when using the join action, i end up with 3 identical channels in one file(?) i use wave editor to confirm what's going on here because triumph won't open.  

what's going on here?

Someone just reported this issue about a week ago - something is going wrong with the Interleave action. It's not doing what it's supposed to do, and I expect that to be fixed in the next bug release.

As far as Triumph not opening -- is it just bouncing in the dock? If that's the case, it might be the "InfoHelper" issue of Apple's. Sometimes there are Audio Units that fail the pre-launching audio unit check, and crash the external process and stub the launch of the app. Some of Native Instruments' plug ins are known to be doing this. If that sounds like it might be the case, divide and conquer and see if that gets Triumph launched up.

how to divide and conquer? 

while that advice is forthcoming(divide and conquer) i figured that myriad isn't accepting both channels for interleaving. only the right channel is recognized. furthermore, it does the process twice and outputs the same file with different names. as another recourse i tired to use the JOIN CHANNELS and this outputs two files which contain LCR info and an L,C  where the R channel seems to be panned to the center.  hope this gets fixed soon.

"Divide and conquer" means to split the work in half and determine which AU is the culprit. For example:

•Audio units A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H

•One of them is crashing, don't know which one

•Remove E, F, G, and H

•Launch - still crashes

•Restore E, F, G, H, then remove A, B, C, D

•Launch - crashes - now you've determined that the offending AU is A, B, C or D

•Remove C and D

•Launch - no crash - now you've determined it's A or B

• etc...

Join and Interleave Channels are a bit hard to understand, and that's my fault.

The idea is this:

Every action is given one file to process at a time.

Every file in the list *in the action* is going to be joined/interleaved with the file it's *given from the Files List*.

So if you want to combine files A, B, C and D,

• Add A, B, C and D to the files list

• Drag B, C and D to the Join/Interleave Channels action

• Select A in the files list

• Confirm that the workflow will process only *selected files*, not *all files*.

• Run

now, file A has had B, C, and D added to it into a new file.

I might have missed it but was there a fix to this problem yet?

Are the explanations above not working for you?

The Interleaved files action still isn’t interleaving. Will eliminating AUs make it work?
Just asking because I don’t really have time to go through 300 AUs just to be able to interleaved a file.

Nope, AUs won't have anything to do with this, don't worry.

"So if you want to combine files A, B, C and D,

• Add A, B, C and D to the files list

• Drag B, C and D to the Join/Interleave Channels action"

how is this accomplished? I'm not able to drag my L/R files to the Join/Interleave Channels action"

interleave still doesn't work on the new beta?

same with join channels?

this is pretty basic and should do what it says.

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