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Advanced Stereo-mono

I'm just starting out to use Myriad to prep files for mix sessions in Pro Tools. I've two things I'm trying to do, but can't figure out so far.

1.  A lot of times I get sent stereo files that are actually mono. The intelligent stereo to mono action works great for these. However.. some times a stereo file is a render of a mono track that was panned. In this case intelligent stereo action doesn't work, because it looks at the M/S difference. I'd also like to use Myriad to tackle these. Any ideas?

2. Kind of related: sometimes a stereo file is a render of a hard pannen mono track. For example, the right channel contains audio, but the left channel is actually blank. Any ideas as to how I can use Myriad to extract just the channel that actually has audio?

Thanks! Jasper

I'd guess sort specifically for the files whose Difference value is really high, like 99% or something, then select those and process selected. But otherwise, this probably has to be done with a script that can check the level of the channel before deciding to process it.

I think I have an idea for solving this in the future better, though - it'll be powerful.

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Thanks for the quick reply, this already really helpful! I'm I right in thinking that the 'difference' column is difference between the left and the right channel? 

Also, It would be great to have a column for level per channel. That way it's easy to spot and sort files that don't have any content in one of the channels.

I'm eager to see what you come up with:)

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