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Need Help with Apple Script

Hey guys...I need help with Apple Scripting. I own both Loop Editor and Myriad and both support what I need to do. 


I have thousands of samples that have the Base Root Note set, but during some encoding it lost the Low and Hight Note values. Fortunately this can be automated, because they all are the same as the sample keygroups for different sounds all have the same meta. 

I need an Apple Script that will:

1. Look at all of the Samples in a list (thousands)

2. Apply Logic that says: (If Base Note=G5, then Low Note = D#5 and High Note = G5). 

Can someone possibly help me out with an Apple Script to do this and which program would be easier to do this? 

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One way to help you get started on that would be to run a small set of files with the actions you want ("Set MIDI Low Note and High Note", for one) and run the workflow with "AppleScript Recordable" enabled in Preferences > General while having Script Editor open and recording. That way, you can see what gets done in that process and you can modify as necessary.

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