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New to Triumph - How to process 'in place' and overwrite?

I'm new to Triumph, and I'm looking to use it as a replacement for Wavelab.   One thing I do often with Wavelab is to load a file, process it 'in place' and save it back in the same format.   Maybe I'm not reading the manual properly but this simple workflow didn't jump out at me right away.   Any tips?

Triumph is more of a project-based app, meaning that any audio you bring in to a Triumph document is fully imported and converted to a full dynamic range before anything begins, really. It doesn't do anything "in place" - mostly for security. I never feel comfortable writing over an existing audio file, too much stuff can get simply lost.

Anyway, an older app I wrote, Wave Editor - which is essentially the precursor to Triumph - does do the in-place style "let's open the file up and change it" kind of thing. I don't support that app anymore (nor do I own it, actually), but you're not the only one longing for another app that really DOES do in-place editing. It's on my radar, and I do hope to get to something like that soon.

Makes sense.   Thanks!   LMK if and when you have something, as I could possibly help test it.

This would be an asset to Triumph if this feature is added.

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