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Creating Loops/Apple Loops for Logic Pro X

Howdy :-)

I'm trying to create some simple 1 or 2 bar loops for use in Logic.  The way I used to do it was to region out a a one bar section in Wave Editor, Save Selection As (aiff), and then dump it into the Apple Loops Utility to save it as an Apple Loop.  The ALU was able to basically calculate BPM and length which made it pretty easy and when I imported the file(s) into Logic, everything matched up to whatever tempo my project was.

This is kind of how I'm "trying" to do things in Loop Editor but I'm not succeeding.  Is there an easy "1,2,3 step" way in Loop editor to do this?  It's obvious that I'm not doing something (or things) correctly.  I have read through the manual but am still a little lost.

Thank You for your time ;-)

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