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Myriad crashes at startup

Myriad crashes at startup. I've force quit many times, restarted the OS. Anybody have luck crawling out of this hole? Thanks in advance.

I deleted and reinstalled the app. Not ideal, but worked. 

I am have the same problem but deleting and reinstalling is not helping. It crashes at each startup attempt. MacOS High Sierra. Really frustrating as I need to use it for a project this weekend.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


I'm having the same problem with Audaptor.

I am also having this problem. I love the software and just bought a license today, but Myriad is totally unresponsive when i open it about 60 percent of the time on high sierra. I haven't found a consistent pattern of it working or not. One thing that is consistent is that on program launch it will never open a window. I have to either use the hotkey or go to "window" in the menu bar. Most of the time neither of these will work as the program is unresponsive. System restarts do not seem to fix the problem. Reinstall works most of the time but not every time. 

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