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Aura 1.0.0 (390.1928) windows config popover not working.

Great to see Aura is coming out! Looking forward to the "son" of Spectre!

But, sorry to say, there seem to be some issues. While I can create new windows, none of the settings buttons in any window seems to work. When clicking on the meter configuration popover button or the indicators configuration popover button nothing happens, no popover. I cannot confirm the functionality of the pause and clear buttons as I am not able to get any windows to see audio since I can not get at the window configuration to set inputs and such. (The pause button does toggle between pause and play, but I am not able to confirm that actually works.)

This is on Mac osX 10.12.6 (sierra).


James Shaw

Still the case with 1.0.1

Still the case with 1.0.1b. I've unistalled, reinstalled, deleted prefs, tried everything I know, still just getting mostly blank non functioning windows and all buttons to configure or pause the meter still do nothing. I purchased a licensee to see if that might help in someway (trying to send some support! :-), but still the same. Am I the only one having this problem? Does it have anything to do with the fact that I still have Specrte installed (which still works fine)?

Still the case with Version 1.1.0 (459.7109) - on OSX 10.12.6 (perhaps it only works on newer OS?) Still getting mostly blank windows with buttons that do nothing (as shown in attached screen shot). The OSStatus error window in the screen shot comes up when I try to create a new text window, and when it comes up I cannot hit ok to dismiss it, Aura stops responding and hangs and needs to be forced to quit.

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