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Spectre layout presets and grouping


I am a recent purchaser of Spectre and am using it on my Macbook Pro 13". I use it both at home, and at a meetup where we are using it to monitor the inputs on my USB mixer during playback of music and projecting it with a projector acting as a second monitor.

I would love to have the ability to recall different setups (one for use on my MBP, and another for use at the meetup, while connected to the projector) and also have the ability to gang the meters together, or group them, so I can easily drag the whole setup to another monitor. As it is right now, I have two different resolutions to work with, and have to spend setup time dragging each meter and resizing it for the other display.

Thanks for any suggestions on ways around this. Otherwise, consider this a feature request.


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Nevermind about the presets. I found the file saving options in the app. It would still be nice to gang the meters together for easy relocation of the entire setup to different displays. :-)

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