We know that the people who could make use of our software come from all around the world, in many different fields, from many disciplines. This community of potential users has been overlooked by many software companies for years, and many truly useful applications are priced out of range for too many people.

Our approach is born from decades of experience in music, technology, the creative arts, and our mission is simple: build best-of-breed applications with groundbreaking features and functionality, then offer them at a fair price.

We decided to set our pricing structure to one where users are empowered by the marketplace rather than hindered by it. Thus, we offer one low price for our applications. Many audio software developers will charge a high up-front price for their software, then charge for upgrades every year or so. That's not what we do. We offer one low price up front, then ship tons of free updates until it is time for a major update.

Creating great software requires great people, patience and a lot of time. On top of that, we license many excellent technologies like Goodhertz Good Dither, the Goodhertz Sample Rate Converter, MP3 and others that we include in our software. All of this costs money, so we can't ship free updates forever. However, we do strive to keep the initial cost of purchasing our feature-packed software and spread out the cost of upgrades over time while greatly simplifying the purchase process.