Most other companies complicate life by negotiating or haggling with their customers, asking you to prove that you already own one or another competing product, or requiring that you provide evidence of educational affiliation before offering you a discount.

We have made a different choice, and no longer offer competitive upgrades or upgrade pricing.

The rules are simple:

  1. One low price for everyone.
  2. No competitive upgrade finagling.
  3. No complicated upgrade procedures.

In other words, our prices are low enough for consumers, "pro-sumers" and professionals. Spend more time making music and less time making your way through a cryptic product matrix explaining the difference between the Lite, XT, Pro, LE, and Deluxe editions of an application. Major paid upgrades simply sell for the low retail price.

By simplifying everything, we have more time to do what we do best: offer the most personal and professional tech support in the business, and continue to develop even more exciting software applications for your enjoyment.