Now that my Layers are arranged I can now add Track Labels.

The obvious method is to drag a Track Label from the Labels List directly to the waveform display and align the starts and ends (Waveform View Options > Snap-to comes in handy for this).

But, Triumph has a handy Action for this, as well. Under Organize, there is an Action called Add Tracks at Layers. This will do all of the tedious work for me.

Using the Arrange Action after this point will update the Layer positions and move the Track Labels accordingly. This is also the case with Shapes, Fades, and other automation objects.

By now, I've noticed a few other Actions that sound like they could have sped things up even further for me. For example, Add Assets as Tracks and Arrange will do everything I've done up to this point (with the exception of importing) in a single step. Track order may not be correct, so I may need to re-order and run the Arrange action. If I have already created my Layers and shuffled them in the correct order I could simply run the Add Tracks to Layers and Arrange which will arrange the Layers and add Track Labels.

Right now, I could burn a disc or create a DDP and continue but, like most mastered products, I need to add my track metadata before calling it a day.