My tracks are in Layers, arranged, and Track Labels have been added. At this point, I could burn a CD or render a DDP (since Track Labels are the only requirement), but it's a great idea to add Track and Disc metadata, so that different playback devices can gather information about the CD.


The CD-TEXT properties for each Track can be accessed for editing in a couple ways:

  1. Double-click on the start or end Track Label heads in the waveform display to bring up the Track Label popover
  2. This same popover can be revealed in the Labels sidebar (View > Details > Show Labels) by clicking the disclosure triangle next to the Track Label

If you need to add global CD-TEXT that applies to the entire disc you can do so in the Properties sidebar:

  1. Click View > Details > Show Properties or the Properties icon in the right sidebar to reveal the Properties pane
  2. Select CD-TEXT in the top left pop-up menu to filter metadata that's used in CD-TEXT