This article will highlight certain Actions that require particular input from the user and discuss important details regarding some Actions.

Flatten and New Asset Actions will create an asset at the current sample rate of the output device if affected content contains multiple sample rates.

Render Actions will use Apple's own sample rate conversion by default. To create a duplicate action that uses the Goodhertz SRC:

  1. Open the Action popover with the disclosure triangle. 
  2. Click the 'gear' icon and click 'Duplicate.'
  3. A new copy will appear under the 'Custom' heading.
  4. Open the new Action's popover to edit the Action script
  5. Locate the portion of the script that says something to the effect of 'render a[Something] as'
  6. Somewhere within this line, add the following:

    using converter "Goodhertz SRC"

  7. Click 'Done' and reopen the popover.
  8. If the text is all purple, you've done something wrong. If not, you're good to go!

The following items are properties of the Render process that you can set via AppleScript as well. Add them anywhere in the render process in the correct format - order does not matter, but make sure they are applicable to the desired format. "Bit rate," for example would not apply to a "WAVE File."

as type text : The type and content of the resulting file.
name text : The name of the rendered file(s).
[scheme text] : The split file filename expression.
[bit depth integer] : The audio bit depth of the contents.
[floating point boolean] : Is the audio in a floating point format?
[sample rate real] : The sample rate. (Default is the sample rate of the first layer)
[using converter text] : The sample rate convertor. ("Apple Standard")
[conversion quality real] : The quality of the sample rate conversion (0.0->1.0).
[include cue sheet boolean] : Also write a Cue Sheet? (AIFF and WAVE formats only)
[bit rate integer] : The bit rate of the audio compression in kbps.
[quality real] : The quality of the audio compression (0.0->1.0).
[compression real] : The amount of audio compression (0.0->1.0).
[from real] : The start of the range in seconds.
[to real] : The end of the range in seconds.
[retain tail boolean] : Should any trailing audio be rendered? [false]
[maximum tail length real] : The maximum length of any rendered trailing audio in seconds. [10]
[minimum tail level real] : The minimum level of any rendered trailing audio before stopping in dB. [-80]
[filterSteepness real] : The filter steepness of the iZotope Resampler. [32]
[cutoffScaling real] : The scaling of the cutoff frequency of the iZotope Resampler. [1.0]
[preringing real] : The amount of pre-ringing of the iZotope Resampler. [0.0 = min-phase filter, 1.0 = linear-phase filter]

Text properties are set like this:

as type "AIFF File"

Boolean properties are set like this:

floating point true

Integer values:

bit rate 256

Real values (values that can include decimals):

quality 0.93


Set ISRC Codes from Text File requires a .txt file in the following format, with each ISRC code on its own line:


Be sure to press return after typing the last ISRC or it will not be set when the Action is run.