There are over 100 Actions in Myriad and most of them have con gurable parameters. We have chosen defaults for those, but you may want to change those defaults to the parameters you use frequently in your work ow. Myriad makes it easy to save custom User Actions.

  1. Drag an Action from the Actions List into the Workflow column.
  2. Configure the parameters in the Action.
  3. Drag the Action by its title bar back into the Actions List.

Your User Action will appear in the User Actions category at the top of the list.

Alternatively, you can right-click on an Action and choose Save As User Action. Note that, if you have Work ow already loaded, you can save any Action in the Workflow as well.

Once you have created a User Action, you can open its popover and change its name and description. You an also mark it as a Favorite by clicking the star at the upper right of the popover.

This feature is incredibly handy for Actions like Send via FTP or Property Actions such as Set Broadcast WAVE Property where you need to enter very specific information. Check out some of the User Actions we've bundled with Myriad for more inspiration.